About me

What reason do you like a girl for? Maybe it’s because she has a charming face, a well-proportioned body, or a bright smile. Have you ever liked an amputee girl?
Hi, I’m Jun, I’m starting a project called “The Girls You Like (TGYL)”. With this project, I will tell you interesting stories about me.
I come from a small country in Southeast Asia. My life is just as normal as everyone else’s. Until one day, exactly 3 years ago, I had a terrible disease and had to have one of my legs amputated. After that, everything was very difficult, along with the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, since then I have not left the house. But now I thought I had to do something new, give myself more confidence, and earn a living, so I started doing it. Each product has its own story, I have spent a lot of effort to make it, hope you will love it, accompany me on the upcoming journey.